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Astro Boy DVD Collection
This is the 1980 colour re-make. Set includes 8 discs & 24-page colour booklet. Total 51 episodes + extras; running time of approx. 1530 minutes. Full details here.
There is a bit of corner damage to the box. Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4.
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Animation Cels

Astro Boy 2 Cels + UNSTUCK Background
This is an original two-layer cel plus pan-size background. The cels HAVE NOT ADHERED TO EACH OTHER and as you can see the cels HAVE NOT ADHERED TO THE BACKGROUND either! This is an amazing find for a 32-year-old production such as what we are dealing with here.

Unfortunately, while the cels are unstuck to anything (although they are taped to each other in two spots at the top, loosely enough that I can open them out as in the photos below), over time tiny spots of red paint have apparently stuck to the background in two areas. The first is on the left, below the driver's red motorcar; the second is right-centre, behind where Astro's boots would be. Also, a tiny bit of blue paint has gone from the driver to his car, around the steering wheel. All of this is visible in close-ups below. When both cels are placed on each other and the background though, virtually no blemishes are visible at all.

Background is labeled 130, the upper cel is labeled B1 and the bottom one is labeled A then some funny sign. The background is in absolutely superb condition.

Background measures about 56cm x 25.5cm (22" x 10") and maintains uniform dimensions throughout.
Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4, Photo 5, Photo 6, Photo 7.
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