A smorgasbord of works and renderings of the old NEO·GEO masters.

$10 Change The Neogeo Pocket NGPC (the bottom-right corner is extremely lightly bent; the upper-right is much more noticeably)
$4 Guilty Gear XX Reload (Sol-Badguy) PSP (light damage to the back [does not affect the front] plus a piece of tape. Some very light bends otherwise. Measures 73cm x 25.7cm)
$4 Guilty Gear XX Reload (Ky-Kiske) PSP (light damage [white spots] to top-centre. Measures 73cm x 25.7cm)
$8 Ninja Combat MVS (varying corner bends to all corners & a some dings here & there)
$6 Samurai Shodown III SS SS (extremely light corner wear)
$12 SNK Autumn '99 New Soft Catalog MVS (all upper-right corners show some bending; cover is glossy)

MVS & Other Arcade Posters

A view to how posters can enhance your living space. No really, have a look.

Gigawing CPS-2 Poster
Measures approx. 103cm x 73cm (40.6" x 28.7")
Very good+ condition. While the poster is still nice and shiny, sadly it's got a few issues. It's got some roll-up damage leading to light lines across most of it which per this strange norm start from the left and don't make it all the way over to the right. See here and here, and not from the first photo that the angle of flash does a lot to show/hide them. It's also got some minor bends/veins as seen here, in a few places. Both the bottom corners have mild damage and there is some very, very light whitening up the sides which you can see when the poster is rolled up: here and here.
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NEO·GEO Gals Poster Selection - Large
Measures approx. 72.5cm x 49.7cm (28.5" x 19.6")
Poor condition.  Bends, lateral squash lines and edge wear.  The poster was at least flattened out properly so it doesn't really adhere much to the squash lines when rolled up anymore and stays quite flat on its own.
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NEO·GEO Gals Poster Selection - Mini
Measures approx. 46.9cm x 24.9cm (18.5" x 9.8")
Good condition.  Problems are it was folded down the middle, has folds & bends on the right half, a piece of scotch tape stuck to the bottom-left, top-left, top-right and bottom-right corners, and finally the left half has some light bends.
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NEO·GEO Gals Poster Selection Vol. 2 - Large
Measures approx. 72.3cm x 49.6cm (28.5" x 19.5")
Excellent++ condition.  There is some damage to the upper-left corner.
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NEO·GEO Gals Poster Selection Vol. 2 - Mini
Measures approx. 49.9cm x 24.4cm (19.6" x 9.6")
Excellent++ condition.  There are a few light bends.
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NEO·GEO Gals Poster Selection Vol. 2 - King
Measures approx. 72.8cm x 51.4cm (28.7" x 20.2")
Near mint+ condition.
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Money Idol Exchanger

Sticker sheet
Peel the whole sheet or each character's face individually.
Brand new
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Samurai Shodown

Samurai Shodown II Postcard
Measures approx. 10cm x 14.8cm (3.9" x 5.8")
Brand new condition. Includes 50 yen of paid postage.
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DragonBall Z Super Saiyajin UFO catcher figure sticker
Measures approx. 14cm x 11.9cm (5.5" x 4.7").
Brand new.  NOTE:  Measurements are for the actual sticker (based on its perforations), not for the full sheet which measures 15.6cm x 13.4cm (6.1" x 5.3").
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