Just what is the C.O.C.?
2. Do you accept offers below your advertized prices?
3. Where did your logo GIF originate?
4. Why are some pictures watermarked and others not?

1.Why it's your favourite web site, yes? An information database that maybe twice a year gets in a few related items for sale.

2.Feel free to make me an offer. I might or might not accept it.

3.Guess!  The photo hacking & slashing was performed by The Reverend 330 Mega.

4.Images that I provide or which are directly contributed to the site get watermarked (with the owner's permission). Those which I found all over the internet -i.e., not mine originally- are not watermarked, and I would like to replace them with better, contributed images.


Accepted Forms Of Payment

  • More or less anything.



    Shipping methods:

    International Air Mail.  Takes around 7~14 days. No registration available.

    International Air Parcel.  Takes around 7~14 days. Registration & insurance included but boy do they charge you for them!

    International Surface Parcel.  Takes up to 2 months. Registration & insurance included and as above, this isn't cheap!

    Expedited Post.  For the U.S.A. only. 7~8 business days and includes tracking, delivery confirmation and insurance.

    EMS.  3~7 days worldwide, including tracking, delivery confirmation and insurance. Costs an arm and a leg and a foot and a hand too, if going intercontinentally. Canada Post raises its rates twice a year, every year, unconditionally, and besides that has expensive rates in the first place.

    FedEx & UPS etc. are also available.

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